The NFA is an elite group of carpet and flooring dealers selected from an industry consensus of the largest and finest in North America. The NFA was created in 1991 by eight of the most powerful retailers in the United States.

Fewer than one tenth of one percent of all carpet and flooring dealers meet the exacting criteria required for consideration for membership in this organization. Uncommonly large volume and preeminent industry reputation are among the exacting prerequisites applied.

Members enjoy uniquely advantageous agreements from many of the world’s leading manufacturers of floor covering products. The sharing of best practices and the special opportunities for exclusive products and purchasing opportunities are among the principal benefits that NFA member companies enjoy.

The NFA is all about change. We have a dynamic view of the world and consequently, we want to continue to be the change agents for our industry. Our vision for the future is firmly based on retail customer expectations. We and our supplier partners must find ways to continue to take costs out of the channels, enhance brand profitability, design innovative ways to educate staff and customers, and strengthen our categories against competing industries.

The NFA is committed to bring the highest value to our members, financially and by idea exchange, and to make a real difference to our suppliers, creating unique synergy and leadership to our industry.